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Oahu Weddings—Finding the Best Hawaii Wedding Packages

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Finding the best wedding package for your big day can be daunting especially if you don’t know who to talk to. There are so many who claim to be “professionals” offering all sorts of Hawaii wedding packages and they promise you heaven on earth only to be disappointed on your wedding day. Now you can’t afford that! You deserve the best wedding and you have to make it as memorable as possible.

Things that Make Oahu Weddings Memorable


Making your wedding memorable does not come by accident, it has to be carefully planned by people who know what they are doing and who have enough experience to back them up. In short, you need a wedding planner with a solid reputation. Here are some of the things that a good wedding planner has to consider:

  1. Romantic venue

Finding the best wedding venue is important because once you’ve found the right spot, all things will fall in its proper place. You need a planner who knows the place like the back of his hands. While Hawaii can offer you the best venues you can dream of, you can’t go wrong if you choose Oahu because it has all the perks that make for a perfect wedding. Of all the islands in Hawaii, Oahu has the most secluded white sand beaches and this translate to romance and privacy. It has the most stable weather compared to the rest of the islands and this is important because you don’t want rain on your wedding day, do you?

  1. Video coverage

What is a wedding if you can’t upload the clip on YouTube or Facebook? A good wedding package should have a decent video coverage that captures the most memorable parts of the wedding. You see, everybody—including those who did not make it—would want to watch this after you tied the knot that’s why you want to capture the romance.

  1. Still picture coverage

Who said that only videos are important? You also want to capture the still photos as well and when you do, you want it done right. A decent wedding planner should have a professional photographer on the team to capture the moments that would make even your grandmother to shed tears.

  1. Affordable package


There are a lot of Hawaii wedding packages that would leave a gaping hole in your pocket and you want to avoid that as well. A good wedding planner knows how to work within your budget and will give you a good accounting of all the expenses that were incurred.

These are some of the things that you need to consider when planning to tie the knot. For affordable Hawaii wedding packages, you can count on Dream Weddings Hawaii to give you the best-bang-for-the-buck. For all your inquiries on Oahu Weddings and other outer island events, all you need to do is give us a call and we will give you all the information you need.

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Hawaii Weddings and its Legal Requirements

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The main issue of a wedding in Hawaii is the legal requirement, which is the cause of concern in many parts of the United States. If, all the requirements are fulfilled and in the end there is any legal issue related to the marriage, it cannot be done. Different legal rules are applicable in different parts of the States; still several requirements need to be fulfilled in the US state before a couple can be connected in a marriage.


The prime rule of a wedding in Hawaii and other parts of the US is to get the license to prevent social issues like illegal marriages. The other main objective behind this to keep the records accurate. The requirements for getting the license are both the parties should be presented in front of the authority, evidence of bachelors and they show their consent of getting married.

All the states are required to get the license before the wedding ceremony; usually it should be taken before one to six days prior to the ceremony. The license is duly signed by the officiator and the couples and in some state like Hawaii wedding requires witnesses on the license. All the requirements must be met to get the license of the marriage.

The other requirement of the marriage is the age limit of both the couples but it also differs in many parts. The legal age requirement of the marriage should be at least 18 years. This requirement can be negotiable with the consent of the parents in all states. Blood testing is another requirement for the wedding in Hawaii. This law is created to stop those diseases, which transfers through blood. The blood test is done before getting the license; however it is also acceptable by providing other evidences.


In order to further protect this contract, it must be done by the authorized person such as religious person or a judge and such must be protected by a witness. A civil ceremony is conducted instead of religious one. Civil ceremonies are conducted under the supervision of a government official or a judge opposed by a rabbi or a minister. A copy of the license and the marriage contractis sent to the state agency for keeping their records. Marriage in the state of Hawaii is difficult to hold due to legal requirements but it is good to engage by a proper way in Hawaii weddings by following the rules because it afterwards would be helpful in exceptional circumstances. Marriages that are done outside the state are recognized by the state.

A civil wedding ceremony that is common in Hawaii Stateis usually not associated with any religion and these are also like by those, who do not believe in any religion or belong to a different faith. Civil marriages are usually conducted by judges in their chambers and official places of government. Couples are also requested to arrange the ceremony at any place, where they want as they get the legal license of the contract.It is also practiced that couples, who belongs to a same religion can request for civil ceremony and it is also conducted in church upon request of the parties. Vice versa, it can be conducted outside the church, if both the parties are making the event according to their choice.

Despite of the fact that civil ceremonies are done mostly by non-religious people but they are usually done in the same manner as the religious one. A civil ceremony starts with the statement of the officiating person along with the transfer of rings and vows. After the marriage is done both the couples kiss each other to start the romantic life. Civil ceremonies also contain rituals if the parties want them in the marriage.


From the above fact, it has been concluded that wedding in Hawaii are done by all pre-requisites measures;so that it can be protected forever according to the legal laws govern by the country. People can find difficulty in the beginning but they can get a good result after they start their life because it gives an authentication to live with each other and the environment also accept you and give respect.

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